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  • 10 Tips on Landscaping on a Budget

    Some home owners and prospective ones have the erroneous notion that landscaping requires big budget but that is not true. You can make your home environment a beautiful scenery with little budget and all you need are some ideas to make that happen. Everyone needs place in which to sit and relax in a comfortable chair and that does not need to burn your pocket. In this piece, we will give you some tips to set up and beautify your landscape without spending more than necessary.

    1. Get some mulch

    Mulch can save you lots of money. If you choose mulch, it helps the soil hold moisture better, and this means you water less. Organic mulches will break down and improve your soil, leading to less spending on fertilizer.

    1. Use native plants

    It is wise to choose species that grow naturally in your area. This will help you to avoid extra spending on pampering, soil correction, and watering.

    1. Take advantage of end-of-the-season sales

    You can take advantage of end-of-the-season sales because most garden centers and nurseries will be looking to sell off their plants before winter. You can save at least 50 percent if you take advantage.

    1. Plant slow-growing trees

    Slow-growing tree have some advantages over fast-growing trees. Unlike fast ones, the slow-growing trees are less susceptible to storm damage and you will not spend much controlling pests and diseases.

    1. Make mulch paths

     Making paths from inexpensive mulches saves you a lot of money compared to using gravel and others.

    1. Use mix materials for landscaping

    You can mix flagstones with cheap materials for your patio. You need not make your patio from one expensive material.

    1.  Use affordable furniture

    You may consider using beach furniture such as chairs or chaise lounges to save cost. Add small tables and you have a perfect place to relax.

    1. Use inexpensive lighting

    Get cheap lighting like some torches that have citronella candles to help to keep the bugs away. Or use cheap hanging lights you can place in equally inexpensive candle holders.

    1. Grow your lawn from seed

    Of course, this takes time but you can save a considerable amount of money by planting grass seed instead of sod.

    1. Keep surplus flower seeds

    You can also save cost on your landscaping if you keep leftover flower seeds. If stored properly, they can be used again. You will have no need to buy another seeds in the future when needed.