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  • At Landscaping By Marcel we have spent years perfecting our landscape design process here in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding areas. We provide innovative, high quality designs and timely installation of landscapes and hardscapes, such as outdoor patio areas or fireplaces.

    Our landscape design team will work with you to develop a Master Plan of practical yet aesthetically pleasing elements intended to enhance your outdoor living space. This master plan is to be used as a guide to allow for flexibility. The ultimate goal is to create your perfect landscape vision however LCM understands that it may be more reasonable to implement the plan in phases or modify your needs as the seasons change.

    While the extreme temperatures in Calgary may not be ideal for some plants, our team works diligently to ensure the investment you make in your yard is designed to flourish throughout the seasons and will continue to thrive despite potential harsh conditions. Our advice and recommendations are based on a solid understanding of the needs of the local flora.

    Landscaping By Marcel is here to suit your needs whether your project is large or small. From traditional black and white hand rendered plans to complete 3-D designs, LCM will help you envision your dream landscape. For a free consultation and to find out more about our design services please call (403)-472-4645